General Cardiology

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Date Posted:

2018-04-30 02:59:55

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Saudi Arabia




We are looking for senior medical consultants to work in Saudi Arabia. 

Qualifications Required: 

  • American Board.
  • CCST/CCT with fellowship / Membership of Royal College UK / Ireland or equivalent.
  • Fellowship of Royal College of Canada.
  • Fellowship of Royal College of Australia.
  • FACHARZT German Board.
  • French Board.
  • Spain / Greece specialization.

Benefits being offered:

Salary Offered US$ 7715- US $ 23420 per month. Range varies due to seniority of the positions. 

Contract Status: Family.

Authorized Dependents: Spouse plus up to 2 children under 18 years old.

Housing: Furnished family accommodation provided with all basic necessities and home appliances.

Transportation: PROVIDED to Employee, from and to work only.

Annual Holiday : 10 Calendar days.

Annual Vacation : 30 Calendar days.

Professional Leave : Up to 5 or 7 calendar days (depends on the Qualification), after completion of 12 months of service and having a valid contract for a subsequent 12 months

Health Care : Provided to Employee and authorized dependents,

Child Education Assistance : Maximum for 2 Authorized Children over 6 years and under 18 years, each child is entitled up to (SR 20,000 or 16,000 or 13,000 depends on the Qualification) per annum as per policy, on the condition that the child(ren) must be enrolled in an accredited school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Leave Air Travel: Upon Employees completion of 12 Months of Service, and having a valid contract for a subsequent 12 months, the employer will provide economy class round trip air ticket, for Employee and authorized dependents, from Employees assigned Port in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Designated Airport.